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  • E-Mail:
  • Telephone:
    • ​Main Office Number: (850) 644-9111
    • 24-Hour Service Number: (850) 644-1234
    • Facsimile Machine: (850) 644-1108
  • Mailing Address for letters and small packages:
              ​FSU Emergency Management
              830 West Jefferson Street
              P.O. Box 3064215
             Tallahassee, FL  32306-4215
  • Delivery Address for large packages:
              Please contact us via E-mail or telephone listed above for arrangements.
  • Social Media:
             Known as Keep FSU Safe
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The FSU Division of Public Safety administrative headquarters are located in: 

Tanner Hall
830 West Jefferson Street 
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4215 

Map Location

This is our official mailing address.  
This is also the location where will most often schedule our meetings, trainings and welcome off-campus guests, by appointment.  



Our day-to-day offices are located off campus at 813D Lake Bradford Road.  We are co-located with FSU Parking & Transportation Services.

Getting to our offices can be a little tricky and hard to find, so here's a map.  Note that the driveway is small and located between Popeyes and Circle K / McDonalds.  If you accidentally pull into either of their parking lots, that's fine, you can still get to our driveway. 

We kindly ask that you please make an appointment before coming to visit us.  We may not always be there as we frequently conduct business on campus.  The compound is also secured and requires someone to meet you at the gate for entry.