Working Together

Working Together to Keep FSU Safe from Ebola Virus

Florida State University is working in close partnership with our campus and community partners to ensure that we are optimally prepared to address the highly unlikely, yet serious Ebola Virus threat to FSU.

Some specific actions taken by Florida State University to date include:

  • We have activated the "Health Issues Task Force," a component of the FSU Emergency Management Team, composed of key campus entities.
  • We have collaborated with key community partners to ensure close coordination and consistency in planning and preparedness.
  • We have trained and equipped our on-campus medical professionals at University Health Services with the resources and protocols they need to safely identify and isolate any potential patients. 
  • We have conducted a thorough analysis of the university community, including students, faculty and staff to determine if anyone has recently travelled from the affected region.  We will actively monitor travel and provide guidance to university travellers. 
  • We are actively monitoring any new suspected or confirmed cases anywhere in the United States and specifically within Florida for any possible connections to FSU. 

Campus Partners:

Community Partners: