Continuity of Operations (COOP)

                                                             4-OP-E-10 Continuity of Operations (COOP)

It is the policy of Florida State University to have in place a comprehensive and effective program to ensure continuity of essential University functions under all circumstances. As a baseline of preparedness for the full range of potential emergencies, all University units as identified by the Emergency Management Division shall have in place a viable plan, which details the performance of their essential functions during any emergency or situation that may disrupt normal operations.

These COOP plans shall be submitted to the Emergency Management Division by the last day of April each year, in a format approved by the Division, and shall address at a minimum the following areas:

  1. A risk assessment and vulnerability analysis;

  2. Preparedness and mitigation activities including procedures for employees who perform pre-event activities or shut down critical operations;

  3. Operational procedures for incident management;

  4. Direction and control including authorities of key personnel and the chain-of-command;

  5. Communications systems that will be used to keep employees, on-duty and off-duty, informed of response activities, to coordinate employees in order to carry out departmental missions, to keep in contact with customers and suppliers, and to coordinate with the Campus EOC.

  6. Life safety procedures including employee alert and notification, assembly and accountability, evacuation procedures, employee preparedness and welfare;

  7. Protection of facilities, equipment, supplies and vital records;

  8. Recovery and restoration of services including employee support, critical asset repair/replacement, and the continuity of operations;

  9. Operating procedures for documenting departmental emergency personnel, equipment, services, and material expenditures and for their recovery or reimbursement from applicable sources;

  10. Public Information;

  11. Administration and logistics.

Effective Date:  April 29, 2019

COOP Application

The COOP application creates a standardized Continuity of Operations (COOP) template which has been developed by FSU Emergency Management. This application provides a structure for formulating a COOP Plan to coordinate restoring vital services after a disaster. Continuity of Operations Planning is part of the fundamental mission of the University as a responsible and reliable public institution. COOP Coordinators are expected to enter information into the application to compile their plans for their University Unit. To review the University Unit list please visit Procedure 4-OP-H-5.1.

Plans are required to be reviewed annually and must be approved by April 1 every year.


To access the COOP Application, click HERE.


Listed below are user guides designed to assist COOP users with navigation of the application. For additional assistance please contact





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