FSU ALERT - SMS Text Messages

As part of Florida State University’s FSU ALERT Emergency Notification System, the University has the ability to send SMS text messages to mobile phones.

The direct delivery of SMS text messages by FSU ALERT is limited to students currently taking classes this term, faculty, staff, and approved community partners. Due to the technological limitations of this particular form of technology, we are unable to register any parents, family members, friends, fans, alumni or other people not specifically listed above. There is an alternative way to receive FSU ALERT messages via text messages on your phone through Twitter​. Otherwise, we encourage you to obtain FSU ALERT information through some of our other, public means such as http://alerts.fsu.edu and social media.

FSU ALERT SMS text messages can be successfully sent to most cell phones on most major telephone carriers (e.g. Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon) within the United States. Smaller regional carriers (e.g. Cricket, MetroPCS) and some pre-paid carriers (Boost, Net10, Straight Talk, Tracfone, Virgin Mobile) have been reported to have problems receiving FSU ALERT SMS text messages in a timely manner, if at all. Consult your carrier for details.

There is no fee charged by FSU to send you FSU ALERT SMS text messages. However, you may be subject to service fees by your cell phone carrier to receive them. Fees vary depending on your service plan. You are responsible for any costs associated with receipt of FSU ALERT SMS text messages. Contact your carrier for details.

SMS Short Codes:
All FSU ALERT SMS text messages will come from one of three "short code" numbers: 23177, 63079 or 53291. Feel free to save these numbers to your contact directory. However, do note that numerous other institutions (e.g. FAMU, TCC, UF) use the same text messaging vendor we use. So, if you are registered to multiple systems, make sure you verify who is sending you the text message. All FSU ALERT emergency notification messages will clearly say "*FSU ALERT!*" and will be posted at http://alerts.fsu.edu.

Registration Procedures:
Please select one of the following catagories to obtain specific instructions on how to register for, delete yourself from, or otherwise edit your registration to receive SMS Text Messages from FSU ALERT. If you are both a student and an employee, you only need to choose one. Editing one will update the other and vice-versa.

  • Students:
    • In order to receive FSU ALERT SMS text messages, you must be actively taking classes during the current term. If you take a term off, you will not receive messages during that term.
    • Within a couple weeks of graduation, you will automatically be removed from system.
    • To add, delete, or edit your registration, go to: http://emergency.fsu.edu/FSUAlertSMS-Students. ​Be sure you have a specific line-entry for "FSU ALERT".
  • Employees:
    • Employees are responsible for removing their own numbers from the system upon departure from university employment. It is not automatic.
    • To add, delete, or edit your registration, go to: http://emergency.fsu.edu/FSUAlertSMS-Employees. ​Be sure you have a specific line-entry for "FSU ALERT".
  • Authorized Community Partners:
    • Approved Community Partners are defined as those people who are not FSU students nor employees, but have a legitimate purpose for receiving FSU ALERT emergency notification messages given the virtue of their employment relationship with the university. Learn More >>
  • Parents, Family, Alumni, and other Public:
    • While we cannot send you direct SMS text messages, there is an alternative method of receiving text alerts from Twitter: Send a text message to 40404 saying "follow FSUAlert". You do not need a Twitter account to enroll.