FSU ALERT - Outdoor Warning Sirens

As part of Florida State University’s FSU ALERT Emergency Notification System, the University has three outdoor warning sirens on the main campus, four sirens in the Innovation Park / Southwest Campus, outdoor sirens at the FSU Lakefront Park and the Recreational SportsPlex.

These public address speakers / sirens are designed to be heard outdoors only. They are not intended to be heard by persons within the buildings on campus.

In the event of an emergency which urgently threatens the safety of persons outdoors, the University may sound the sirens. Not all FSU ALERT emergency notifications will require use of the sirens.

The alert tones are very loud and distinct and should be easily heard by anyone who is outdoors on the main Tallahassee campus. The alert tone may / may not be followed by voice instructions. Regardless if you can comprehend the voice instructions, the default action anytime the siren is sounded is to: Take shelter in the nearest building and seek further information.

Examples of the warning alert sounds and voice instructions which may be played:

The University may also use the speakers for other non-emergency uses. For example, Hymn to the Garnet and Gold chimes are played daily at 8AM, Noon, and 5PM on the Main Campus only.

The siren system was designed and installed by American Signal Corporation.

FSU has also installed out​door warning sirens at the Panama City Campus and The Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota. Each of those systems are operated independently from the Tallahassee-based system by the local campus officials.