All members of the FSU Emergency Management Team are responsible for planning ahead for all potential emergencies and disasters which may occur at The Florida State University. All Divisions, Departments, and Entities that are part of the Emergency Management Team shall ensure that they have the appropriate policies, plans, and procedures necessary to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. The FSU Emergency Management office provides guidance and technical assistance to complete this task.


Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)

The Emergency Management program is designed to provide the structure and guidance for the development of hierarchy of programs for preparation, mitigation, planning, and recovery from disasters. The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan serves as the official emergency operations plan (EOP) of Florida State University.

The CEMP applies directly to all persons and entities associated with Florida State University, including its students, faculty, staff, employees, contractors, and other support entities.


For more information, See the Florida State University CEMP


Continuity of Operations Planning

The changing threat environment and recent emergencies affecting higher education institutions, including acts of nature, accidents, technological emergencies, and human perpetrated acts of violence, have increased the need for COOP capabilities that enable agencies to continue their essential functions across a broad spectrum of emergencies.

COOP planning is simply a "good business practice" and a fundamental responsibility of agencies as responsible and reliable public institutions.

Effective April 29, 2019 it is the policy of Florida State University to have in place a comprehensive and effective program to ensure continuity of essential University functions under all circumstances.

COOP Resources