FSU ALERT - Indoor Warning Sirens

As part of Florida State University’s FSU ALERT Emergency Notification System, the university currently has fifty (50) buildings capable of indoor emergency alerts throughout the buildings.

These are a combination of alert tone, followed by voice instructions. In most cases, the alerts are delivered via the existing fire alarm system or other public address system already in the building.

This system is tied directly into the Outdoor Warning Sirens. Simultaneously as the sirens are blaring outside, an equivalent message is played indoors of these buildings.

In the event of an emergency which urgently threatens the safety of persons, the University may sound the indoor and/or outdoor sirens.

The alert tones are very loud and distinct and should be easily heard by anyone who is inside these buildings. The alert tone will be followed by voice instructions, which should be clearly intelligible. Regardless if you can comprehend the voice instructions, the default action anytime the indoor siren is sounded is to: Seek shelter away from doors and windows and seek further information from the Alerts Page or 644-INFO.

Examples of the warning alert sounds and voice instructions which may be played:

The indoor siren system is a product of American Signal Corporation.

FSU Buildings Currently Online with Indoor Sirens:

  • Alumni Center
  • Aeropropulsion, Mechatronics and Energy Building
  • Askew Student Life Building
  • B.K. Roberts Hall
  • Bellamy Building
  • Carnaghi Arts Center 
  • Chemistry Building
  • College of Engineering
  • Deviney Hall
  • Dirac Science Library
  • Dittmer Building
  • Dorman Hall
  • Dunlap Student Success Building
  • Eppes Building
  • Fine Arts Building
  • Fisher Lecture Hall
  • Global and Multicultural Center
  • HCB Classroom Building
  • Hecht House
  • Honors, Scholars and Fellows Building
  • Indoor Practice Facility
  • Jennie Murphree Hall
  • Johnston Building (incl. Suwannee Room)
  • Keen Building
  • Kellum Hall
  • Kursteiner Building - South (partial)
  • Law Advocacy Center
  • Leach Center
  • Love Building
  • McCollum Hall
  • Mendehall A
  • Montgomery Hall
  • Multipurpose Education Building (Tennis)
  • National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
  • Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC)
  • Oglesby Union - Food Court
  • Psychology Auditorium
  • Recreation SportsPlex
  • Research Foundation Building A
  • Reservation
  • Reynolds Hall
  • Rovetta Business A & B
  • Salley Hall
  • Shores Building
  • Smith Hall
  • Strozier Library
  • Student Services Building (incl. Denny's)
  • Technology Services Building
  • Thagard Building
  • Traditions Hall
  • Tucker Civic Center
  • Tully Gym
  • Turnbull Conference Center
  • University Center A
  • University Center B
  • University Center C
  • University Center D
  • Warren Building
  • Wellness Building
  • Wescott Building
  • Westside Dining (Fresh Food Co)

FSU Buildings Scheduled to Receive Indoor Sirens in the Near Future:

  • ​None at this time